ANNEX Scope Throw Lever Installation Instructions

Thanks for your interest in the Annex Scope Throw Lever; it is designed to be a simple, rugged, effective tool for getting you on target faster while not complicating your setup with additional hinges, sockets, joints or small parts that need to be maintained and monitored. Because of it's slip-on clamping design, it requires some measurement (so that you order the correct size!) and consideration on your part to make sure it will fit your scope.

First, take a look at your scope and make sure that there are no raised areas (like buttons, illumination dials, battery housings) on the eyepiece:



 Battery Housing Warning




Secondly, let's make sure that your magnification ring doesn't have any features that would prevent the Annex Scope Throw Lever from clamping around your magnification ring. If your scope has any large bumps, dovetails, protrusions, or an integrated, non-removable throw lever, our Annex Scope Throw Lever is unlikely to fit your scope. As seen below:


 Throw Lever Protrusion Warning