ANNEX QSERT 3D Rail Cover Panels - G10 - Fits Q Fix, MiniFix, BoomBox and More - Individual Panels

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Designed specifically to contour around QSert handguards (found on the Fix, MiniFix, BoomBox and more) the ANNEX 3D Rail Cover panels add extreme grip and comfort to your handguard / rail in slippery conditions while protecting you from any excess heat radiating from the barrel. Made from ultra-tough layered G10 / FR4, hand-finished in limited quantity.

  • Ultra-tough G10 / FR4 construction
  • 3D-Contoured design wraps around handguard edges for supreme comfort and ergonomics
  • Includes US-Made, Grade-8 black oxide T25 Torx head screws
  • Available in 1 length:
    • 4-Screw (6.45") / 15 grams weight (0.53oz)